How do I make sure I have full control over my site?
I use the most common platforms on the web; PHP server language, MySQL database, cPanel control panel and WordPress CMS. So, if for any reason you want to switch to another server, it will be as smooth as possible.
How does hosting work?
I provided hosting starting at $20/month for a single site and $25/month for multi-sites
I already have hosting for $7/month can I just use that?
Yes you can. However, those have numerous issues once your site has an increase in traffic. They are much more restrictive and harder to program for.
I already have an existing website that I want to add to, can you help?
It’s possible, if your current hosting does not support certain features, additional costs will be incurred
What about the domain name?
I have you purchase it yourself, it only costs a few bucks a year and it is for your protection. 
I already have a domain name
Perfect, even easier! once the site or app is signed off I handle everything. You just need to change your nameservers for that domain (I can help)
Does my current site have to be down during development?
No, I create a separate space on my server during development (Normally looks like yourname.columbuswebtech.com). Everything is created and tested there so you can monitor progress. Once you love your new site or app, just change your domain’s nameserver (see above) and presto!
My email address has my current domain name in it, how does that work?
Great question, most clients forget that! REMEMBER: if your email has your domain name in it, i.e. domain: yoursite.com and email: you@yoursite.com, they are tied together. It will depend on your needs and if you will be continuing to pay your current provider for email. Unlimited email accounts are included in my hosting. If you use gmail or yahoo etc, then your fine, don’t worry about it
How do you design?
The most common way is I ask the client to send me websites they like and a list of what they like about them, then use that for reference and inspiration