How It Works

What To Expect

A typical timeline of events for a project are as followed

  • Initial meeting or phone call lasts about one hour
    • This is to get an understanding of the client’s wants and needs
    • To determine the amount of work needed and make an effective quote
    • Have a budget in mind! That is like asking a realtor to show you houses without giving them a price range,
      there is way too many options for me address without a budget
    • Follow up emails maybe required for a quote
  • Second meeting or phone call to discuss cost
  • Once agreed, a refundable deposit is required
    • I do not enjoy doing this, but it is a must
    • A deposit is normally between 25-50% of the total project and no less than $500
    • The deposit is by check and refundable up to 21 days, after that, it is cashed with or without notice
  • Once received, project begins (unless otherwise stated)
    • Minimum priced projects (at current $1,495) are completed in three weeks
    • You can generally add an additional week of development for each $1,495 after that
  • After 21 days another deposit may be required
  • Then the project is complete
  • The Client has up to an additional 21 days to review the site or app to confirm
  • If needed, corrections will be made
  • Then the site or app go live and final payment is due

Standard Boilerplate Contract

The following is a common boilerplate contract I use.

Contract and Terms (PDF)